VASE  ,    TORTOISE- SHELL .          h :  22 cm.

Sexagonal shape ; composed  in 3 sections,  and 2 ringed handles on both sides. Intricately carved with floral designs on a pierced fond .

Period :     19th  Century .

The shape and the " réticulé-work"  are derived from a Famille Rose original  Qianlong vase, see " Cohen & Cohen catalogue 2007", n° 7.

This is a stunning example of Chinese artistry . Tortoise-shell is an extremely fragil material , and was very impractical in its, because the works of art  had to be produced in sections . But with the Chinese genius for using impractical materials just to meet the challenge they present to the craftsman,they did employ  tortoise shell on very rare occasion . The present vase is a  rare and splendid example of it ;  and in 100% perfect condition .