7-border famille rose Yongzheng Eggshell Plate.

Deep  DISH .   diam:   23 cm.

Very thinly potted, so-called  eggshell  porcelain .  Decorated with very subtil and soft pastel  Famille Rose  & gilt.  In the center a "leaf-shaped  panel"  containing  a family-scene, showing a mother and her 2 sons, in a luxurious setting of chinese mobilier ; all surrounded by  what is called  "7 borders" ,all differently  executed ;  the large rim on the backside in ruby  back .

period :           YONGZHENG  :   1723 - 1735 .

pedigree:                George  EUMORFOPOULOS  Collection .

our acquisition :       the V P Collection  ( Den Haag ) , n° 470 .

preservation:           100% mint  condition .

refer.:           " Garland Collection", Metropolitan Museum New York, cat.1985, n°LVII
                    " The Ceramic Art of China ", Honey ,  pl. 88.
                    " The Book of Famille Rose ", G. Williamson , pl.XXXII.
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This fantastic dish belongs to a group of the so-called 7 borders. The  very complexe decorative scheme is handled with remarkable skill and employs the full range of the Famille Rose palette,with a great variety of shaded colours and gilding. Although  very " chinese looking", these dishes were already made for export trade to Europe, as indicated by the description of numerous such  lots in the sale of " W. Beckford's collection at Fonthill Abbey, in september 1823 !

Next  foto shows the backside of this dish .