a very fine    FAMILLE  ROSE    " blue ground  "  MEDAILLON BOWL .

Finely potted,painted on the exterior in bright Famille Rose enamels with 4 circular medaillons, depicting  the story of NIU LANG ZHI NU:  the Cowherd and the Fairy Weaver  ;  all reserved on a lavender-blue ground  decorated in sgraffiato technique ; the interior finely painted in underglaze-blue  with a scene illustrating Niu Lang on his mule.( see next picture)

period:       DAOGUANG  :   1821 - 1850 .

mark  :       6 -character mark in seal , of Daoguang.

provenan.:   the V P Collection  n° 339.     Perfect  condition.

refer.:         " The R. Heiniger Collection of  Qing Imperial Wares," S.Marchant,2000, n°19

                 " Chinese Ceramics , Kang Hs'i period to our Days ", 1922 : the catalogue by
                    J.J.Marquet de Vasselot ,   p. 49.

                 " Chinese Ceramics: Porcelain of the Qing Dynasty " , Rose KERR, n° 107.

The next foto  illustrates the underglaze-blue interior of the bowl : it tells the mythological story of  Niu Lang Zhi Nu  : the Cowherd & the Weaver Girl .