Pair of DAOGOUANG Bowls.

pair of  yellow-ground  MEDAILLON    BOWLS.    diam : 15 cm.

Very nicely shaped, slightly flaring sides,  on a footring . Brilliantly enamelled on the outside with a lemon- yellow ground,enriched with flowering lotuses amidst dense scrolling leaves, linked by "ruyi"heads ; on top of this  there are 4 medaillon-reserves painted in Famille Rose :each  containing a different vase of flowers and objects associated with the " Duanwu" festival .  On the inside another medaillon with Famille Rose flowers,and a losange suspended on a branch.

mark  and  period:     DAOGOUANG :    1821 - 1850 .  ( iron-red seal-mark).

refer. :  An identical pair of bowls  ( but from the Jiajing period ) was  sold at :
           " The Alfred MORRISON Collection : Fonthill Heirlooms ": 9/11/2004 , cat. 43.


Rare pair ; great quality .  Both perfect  condition .