OVAL   DISH .       25 x 22 cm.

Decorated in the IMARI palet , illustrating in the center " La dame au parasol" , after Cornelius Pronk .  The large rim- section  in " vannerie-technic" : the rim has been pierced,with freehand cutting : the pierced basketwork studded with appliqué blue  flowers.

Period :       ca. 1735 - 1740 .

This dish is extremely rare,  no other speciman  ,with a Pronk-design on a pierced-work plate  is known or recorded. Pronk orders were already  very expensif to produce for the VOC,  but on top of that ,  orders  with " piercing work"  must  have been out of every reasonable cost , and it required incredible skill from the potter : the reason why it was very quickly abandoned .

100% perfect  condition.