SAUCER     bearing   the   EGRET  MARK .     10 cm.

The deep  small bowl  very finely modelled with straight rim.

On the foreside a blue & white decoration  of  a " double-gourde " and tassels.  On the backside a monochrome heavenly  blue fond of very even tone ; in the center  an egret mark in underglaze-blue.

Period :  WANLI  MING  :   1600 - 1605 .

Provenance:  the Mauro RINALDI Collection ,  illustrated in het book :
                      " Kraak Porcelain ",  pl. 267 / a .

Extremely rare  , only 2 such " blue-black" Ming dishes are known .  On top of it, the quality is outstanding , and the egret mark completes the rarety .

Excellent condition except for a rim  glaze-  crack of 2 cm and a few tiny rimfrits.